Blogging and Social Media

Amplifying your message

Reaching a wider audience

Putting Stategy into Practice

Putting Stategy into Practice

Picking up on 2 aspects of good SEO

Engaging content that answers the customer’s query

Content that is shared by others

And 2 aspects of good digital marketing

Content to keep your customers up to date with what you are doing and what you are offering

Social Media to share and promote that content, engaging with your potential customers

You have already structured your website content to provide a succinct synopsis of your products and services.

The aim of the blog is to deliver News, New Product or Service Announcements, Use cases, Testimonials, Opinions that build on that content and support your SEO strategy and your Digital Marketing strategy.

Sharing and Amplifying your Message

Sharing and Amplifying your Message

Automatically post your Blogs to Social Media

Sharing that new content directly with your Social Media amplifies that message to a wider audience.

Crucially, it also creates links back to the original content on your website encouraging the content to be shared with ‘friends of friends’.

That is a very efficient way of getting your content shared far and wide.